Education, Day Care and Preschool

Day Care and Preschool

Hollola's early childhood education services consist of day care given in day care centers and family day care organized by the municipality of Hollola, preschool education and open early childhood education activities offered by municipality of Hollola. The private sector also offers day care services.

Day Care in Day Care Centers

Day care in day care centers and family day care are chargeable services, and they are charged according to family size and income. See more, in Finnish.

Day care is provided for children aged 1–5.

Contact Persons:

Day Care Service Coordinator  tel. +358 44 780 1375
Early Childhood Education Managers  tel. +358 44 780 1312 and +358 44 780 1374

Round-The-Clock Care

Round-the-clock care refers to day care provided also during the evening, night and on weekends. Round-the-clock care is provided at the Salpakangas day care center.

Family Day Care

Family day care is day care provided in the childminder's own home, in groups of up to 4 children for children aged 1–5 years.

Preschool Education

Preschool education refers to free education for children 6 years of age (a year before the start of primary school), held in school days from August to May for 4 hours a day in school premises. In addition to preschool education, preschool-aged children also have the opportunity to use the day care services provided on the same premises. Day care is a chargeable service.

Private Day Care

Family day care:
Group family day care Onnentupa in Tennilä
Private day care center Hulina: 


All children who are permanent residents in Finland are subject to compulsory education. This also applies to children living in Finland with an immigrant background.

The compulsory education usually starts the year the child turns seven years old. Compulsory education ends when the child has completed classes 1–9 in comprehensive school, or when ten years have passed since the start of the compulsory education.

Hollola offers high-quality education in a safe environment for all comprehensive school-aged children. Services also include education support services, such as student health care, student counselling and free school meals. 

The student is entitled to free school transport if the distance to school from their permanent residence is over 5 km and 3 km for preschool, 1st and 2nd class students. 1st and 2nd class students can apply for the chargeable afternoon activities after the school day.

11 comprehensive schools in the municipality of Hollola

  • Heinsuo school: classes 5 to 9
  • Salpakangas school: classes 0 to 9
  • Hälvälä, Tiilikangas, Herrala, Nostava, Paimela & Pyhäniemi schools: classes 0 to 4
  • Kangas school: special needs education classes 0 to 9
  • Kalliola & Hämeenkoski schools: classes 0 to 6

All schools follow the general curriculum of municipality. However, each school has its own operational culture and priorities in education. Schools also organize voluntary club activities after school. See more, in Finnish.

Contact Persons

District principals  +358 44 780 1238 and +358 44 780 1253

Heinsuo School.

Kalliola School in Vesikansa.